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Thompson Center


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The Thompson Center Encore in stainless steel, chambered in .270 Winchester and equipped with a Nikon Monarch LER (Long Eye Relief) scope, represents a highly customizable and versatile single-shot firearm. The Encore is known for its strong reputation for precision and the ability to interchange barrels for different calibers, making it a favorite among hunters and target shooters. Here's a detailed overview of this specific configuration: Basic Information: Make: Thompson Center Model: Encore Caliber: .270 Winchester Type: Single-shot Action: Break-action Finish: Stainless steel Barrel Length: 15" Capacity: Single shot Sights: Typically none; designed for use with scopes Safety Features: Manual firing pin selector and hammer block safety Material: Stainless steel frame and barrel, composite pistol grip, and forend Unique Features: Scope: Nikon Monarch LER 2.5-8x, which is known for its clarity, brightness, and rugged construction. The long eye relief makes it suitable for use on high-recoil firearms and offers versatility for both hunting and shooting at varying ranges. Grip and Forehand: Composite materials provide durability and weather resistance, with ergonomic designs for better control and comfort. Modularity: One of the standout features of the Encore is its interchangeable barrel system, allowing users to switch between different calibers and barrel lengths for various shooting disciplines or game. Usage and Applications: Recommended Use: This setup is excellent for medium to long-range hunting, particularly for game like deer and elk. It's also suitable for precision target shooting due to its accuracy potential. Performance Characteristics: The .270 Winchester caliber is known for flat trajectory and high-velocity performance, making it ideal for hunting at various distances. The Encore's break-action mechanism is noted for providing excellent accuracy thanks to a solid lock-up and minimal moving parts. Overall, the Thompson Center Encore in stainless steel with a .270 Winchester barrel and Nikon Monarch scope offers a premium, highly adaptable shooting platform for both hunters and competitive shooters looking for precision and versatility in a variety of environments and conditions.

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