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Here's a detailed description of the Smith & Wesson Model SW9C: Basic Information: Make: Smith & Wesson Model: SW9C Caliber: 9mm Type: Semi-automatic pistol Action: Striker-fired Finish: Black, melonite Barrel Length: 4" Weight: Approximately 21 ounces Capacity: 10 rounds Sights: Fixed 3-dot sights Material: Polymer frame with a stainless steel slide Usage and Applications: Recommended Use: This model is ideal for concealed carry, personal defense, and law enforcement backup use. Its size and magazine capacity make it suited for situations where discretion and ease of carry are priorities. Performance Characteristics: Known for its reliability and ease of use. The SW9C offers manageable recoil and good accuracy for a compact firearm. The 3-dot sighting system aids quick target acquisition. Legal and Safety Information: Historical and Cultural Context: The SW9C is part of Smith & Wesson's SW series, which is designed to offer both law enforcement and civilian users reliable firearms at a reasonable cost. The series highlights Smith & Wesson's commitment to providing versatile options for security and defense purposes. This model combines practical features with Smith & Wesson's renowned craftsmanship, resulting in a dependable and effective tool for self-defense and law enforcement applications.

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